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At Guide My Finances we are Fiduciaries who strive to make the best possible investments for each of our clients based on their specific goals, risk preferences, liquidity needs, tax situation and investment desires. One of our most important missions is that we provide exceptional customer service, specifically making sure that our clients feel that our recommendations are in their best interest and not ours. In order to achieve this, we manage your investments on a fee basis. We design investment strategies for each of our clients, utilizing individual stocks and bonds, as well as low-cost non-commissionable mutual funds, exchange-trade funds (ETFs), fixed income instruments and other security types.

Some of our clients have existing investments but need to re-evaluate their strategy due to life changes such as shifting economic climates, or uncertainty surrounding a current investment strategy. While long-term investment is our goal, we believe it is important to continually analyze your financial picture and make adjustments to maximize your potential.

Our Investment Planning Philosophy:

  • We believe the market is efficient, and to maximize its efficiency, we believe in building long-term, well diversified, low cost, portfolios emphasizing areas of the market with higher expected return potential.
  • We avoid hype, fads and risky investments. Instead we invest in quality securities to build sustainable wealth over time.
  • We do not believe in trying to outguess the market. Multiple studies have shown that trying to time the market results in lower long-term returns. We maintain discipline in down markets to avoid locking in losses.
  • We are fiduciaries.
  • We work with clients on an hourly or flat-rate basis.

Why You Should Hire an Advisor to Manage Your Investments:

  • In addition to building and managing risk-appropriate portfolios for our clients, our support continues far beyond the investment strategy alone.
  • Many investors make investment decisions based on emotion, not reason. We work with our clients to discuss market concerns and to educate them on the risks of emotional investing.
  • We coordinate the strategy across all of your investments including non-managed 401ks and company retirement plans.
  • We update your financial plan annually to track progress towards your goals.
  • We manage tax-efficiency. We ensure you properly fund tax efficient accounts and manage tax efficiency within your non-retirement accounts.